From 2015 onwards, art dealer 46-ART B.V. is the official representative of the artist Ineke van der Wal. We offer you both monumental paintings as well as a large number of drawings from the work she has created. We present examples of her work on this page.

A publication on the life and work of Ineke Van der Wal has been compiled. You can order this book from us.

Ineke van der Wal has been working as artist from 1984 onwards. She has had both a number of solo-exhibitions as well as partaken in many group exhibitions. At the moment, she is living and working in the United Kingdom. Her work has been internationally recognized, and can be found in important university/museum/private collections in the UK, USA, South America as well as in various collections in the European Continent. Where her work was fierce figurative and expressive at the beginning of her career ("Neue Wilden"), later on her expression evolved to an extremely personal domain of internal vulnerability and inspired observation. Figurative elements are part of her work when they fulfill a purpose. Even though her paintings are literally monumental, the expression of the details is most important for Van der Wal. These works, which can be described as ‘organic abstracts’, therefore become intense and strong in a personal manner.

Works on paper by Van der Wal, applying various media, are also a substantial part of her oeuvre. Over the years, she has documented her creative process thoroughly by making several studies which preceded her paintings and have fortunately been kept. Apart from the studies, Van der Wal also produces larger and independent art works on paper on a regular basis, in which her style and meticulousness are expressed, just as in her oil paintings. Her charcoal drawings are phenomenal, and form an oeuvre within an oeuvre, and possess a lasting significance.

A book has been published about the work of Ineke Van der Wal, containing a large number of her monumental paintings, smaller works and various art works on paper.

The recent works (2016 – 2018) of Ineke Van der Wal are exhibited in The Lighthouse, Poole’s Centre for the Arts, United Kingdom from February 3 to March 31 2018. An overall exhibition of her work (1984 – 2015) will take place in Art Space LDS46, Huisduinen, Holland, from February 18 to June 3 2018.

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